Research outputs will provide the evidence-base for the creation of an ‘Ethical Aquatic Food Index’ (EAFI). This key project outcome will be used to disseminate complex project findings to the wider public in a concise and understandable way. Collaboration will also take place with European and Asian small and medium scale-enterprises (SMEs) to address specific sustainability questions.

Running from 2009-2013, the project will take a highly interdisciplinary approach to address sustainability questions and includes a consortium of 14 internationally recognised institutions and organisations. Topics that will be addressed during the project will include environmental impacts, impacts of trade on local livelihoods and public health, food safety including contaminants and traceability concerns, and barriers to trade.

Life cycle analysis will be used to explore energy and material costs embedded in the global value-chains. Food ethicists will also examine the value-laden nature of sustainability decisions during the project i.e. who decides which qualities are significant in relation to sustainability.

Photo © Loni Hensler