WP12: Dissemination

Co-ordinator: University of Stirling (UoS)


  1. The key message(s) identified that will effectively and efficiently communicate signifiers of an aquatic product’s compliance with EAFI and consumers’ wants.
  2. A reliable structure established for internal and external communication of the key messages and sharing of resources as well as dissemination of project outputs.
  3. Work presented in relevant academic, professional and value chain forums including; conferences, workshops, industry, consumer and policy platforms.
  4. Project data archived in standardised format for future sustainability initiatives.
  5. Plan for exploitation of project outcomes prepared with MSMEs, standards and consumer body’s, policy makers beyond what has been achieved in the project.

Description of work and role of participants

T12.1 Message construction. The message(s) communicated along the different channels and dissemination paths is critical to the success of the wider tasks of informing relevant stakeholders and prospective consumers of the EAFI. It is thus vital to gain a good appreciation of the ‘typical’ level of interpretation and understanding that may be encountered amongst user groups along the chain. The work in WP 10 will feed into the derivation of the EAFI and its emergent forms will be assessed with key decision makers along the chain, notably representative consumer groups, and buyers of products responsible with delivering products and attached symbolisms to their markets in Europe.

T12.2 Communication Infrastructure. Establish a reliable structure for internal and external communication and sharing of resources as well as dissemination of project outputs. Mainly centred on project Wiki-based web-site and portal, with work areas restricted to the consortium and public areas for dissemination. To include mailing lists for consortium sub-groups i.e. work packages, project steering committee (PSG) and project administration group. The web-site will also be used as a platform for uploads and shared access to integrated project (ACCESS) relational-databases.

T12.3 Dissemination. External dissemination mainly through publication of articles and technical papers written by partners in the specialised press (magazines, newspapers, on-line audio, video media at international, European, national, regional or local level in order to reach the widest audience. Also focussed workshops; dissemination of the web-site, publishing brochures, leaflets, posters. A media plan for the press will be established by month 12 with a carefully timed schedule of press releases to coincide with project milestones, increasing the awareness of potential targets and end-users. Dissemination will also take place in the consortium, initially in the form of cross-disciplinary training to provide partners with the problems (WP 1), working and evaluation methods of other disciplines in the consortium (inc. fundamental LCA principles), through visits, presentation and later on the form of presentations of ongoing work and results.

T12.4 Exploitation. A plan for exploitation of project outputs developed. Focussed on on-going standards dialogues within and outside the project and testing of ‘sustainability-orientated’ interventions with MSMEs (WP9).

T12.5 Data archiving Projected databases to be archived in standardised formats (inc. meta-data) for strategic inclusion in recognised repositories (including those of FAO and WorldFish Center project partners) where they will become a resource for future sustainability and standards initiatives based on LCA.

Deliverables (brief description and month of delivery)

D12.1 (month 12) Message determination

D12.2 (month 1) Project website operational

D12.3 (month 6) Electronic portal operational

D12.4 (month 12) Dissemination exploitation plan

D12.5 (month 44) Standardised data archives established and deposited

D12.6 (6 monthly from month 12) regular bulletin for European MSMEs on project progress and opportunities for European MSMEs

D12.7 Policy briefs presenting major research findings of WP5

Photo © Loni Hensler