WP1: Project Management

Co-ordinator: University of Stirling (UoS)


  1. Scientific and administrative work of the project coordinated to ensure execution of project related activities in an effective, timely and resource efficient way.

Description of work and role of participants

T1.1 Operational Management. Oversight of whole project to ensure effective and timely implementation of activities and deliverables. This includes elaboration of consortium agreement, overseeing IPR, communication with EC, coordination of reporting and conflict resolution. Identifying and implementing training requirements of project partners. Maintaining and encouraging regular communication between partners employing web-based Wiki for internal communications and external dissemination (T12.2). Co-ordinating regular consortia meetings on WP progress and integration issues; quarterly e-conferences for WP leaders and full consortium meetings to be held annually, alternating in each of the Asian partner countries. Establish a web-based management system for upload of project protocols, data, reports, publications etc (WP12). WFC/ UOS will co-ordinate a socio-economic/ systems field skills workshop in Penang for Asian country partners prior to detailed case-study research (month 12).

T1.2 Technical Management. Continuous monitoring and evaluation of progress against project and work package objectives. Prompt reporting of any problems to project management.

T1.3 Financial Management. Management and control of project resources, budget and scheduling.

T1.4 Managing country relations. UOS has previous partnership experience with all the in-country Asian partners, CEFAS networks on disease and
WorldFish offices in China and Bangladesh. UCPH, WU have previous and ongoing partnership experience with partners most Asian partners.

T1.5 Ethical monitoring. Reflective observation of gender, social and ethical issues encountered during the project implementation as well as those raised by research. Arising issues to be documented and included in periodic activity reports. Primary responsibility for this task assigned to UiB.

T1.6 Project inception meeting. To develop shared understanding of work and opportunity for all partners to discuss and modify project proposal towards more effective work plan, training in cross-disciplinary approaches (detailed in other work packages), opportunity for partners to meet, become acquainted and initiate team building process. Inception of inter-disciplinary/ inter-cultural tool box to be developed at future consortium meetings, including multi-lingual dictionary of terms to be mounted on project website. Preliminary discussion on country-specific site and system preliminary review of thematic (e.g. land-use, hydrology) resource maps.


D1.1 (month 3): Internal and external websites developed
D1.2 (month 6): Consortium Agreement
D1.3 (month 6): Meeting minutes

Photo © Loni Hensler