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MSME bulletins

In 2012, SEAT produced several bulletins, illustrating different aspects of work ongoing with the project. You can view these bulletins here:

No. 1 – March 2012 – Opportunities in Aquaculture Trade

No. 2 – June 2012 – Pangasius Sediment Removal Solutions



The EC FP7 funded SEAT project is 13 institutions based in 11 countries working to support the sustainable development of seafood trade in four commodity species; shrimp, freshwater prawns, tilapia and pangasius catfish between the EU and four Asian countries; China, Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh.  We are carrying out extensive research surrounding the production of fish products as well as their marketing in Asia and Europe and it is a key objective that, through engagement with MSMEs, this research facilitates an increase in overall value and sustainability of food production systems.

SEAT will use its research findings alongside the experiences of MSMEs to plan and implement a phase of action research aimed at development of simple measures for reducing environmental, social or health impacts such as improving product efficiency, reducing packaging and the application of diagnostic tools for contaminants.

Our work is focused on MSMEs both in Europe and Asia.  With their respective comparative advantages, the European participants will mainly be technical service providers in fields such as traceability, environmental services and communications and market information technology systems.  Asian participants will largely by small and medium producers, processors of fish and co-products as well as service providers and regulators both upstream and downstream of production.  The scope of MSMEs we can engage with is not limited.

SEAT is a highly inter-disciplinary project incorporating life cycle analysis and value chain analysis as driving concepts, and is building a wealth of knowledge around the four commodity species highlighted and the four respective producing countries.  The full breadth of the research will feed into action research specifically tailored to needs and opportunities for MSMEs and as such SEAT is an opportunity for MSMEs to improve their own practices and gain access to new markets.

If your busniess is or could be involved anywhere along the value chain of these products and you would like to take advantage of this opportunity contact Francis Murray based at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling.


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