Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the SEAT newsletter. In this issue, we explore the importance of Asian Aquaculture to European food security, the energy efficiency of farmed fish as a source of protein production, explain the EAFI and why SEAT has been working with the Surat Shrimp Club in Thailand.
HandsAsian Aquaculture – Sustaining European Seafood Security?Why does the European Union need sustainable and ethical Asian aquaculture? A look at the EU's dependence on imported seafood and the "breathing space" Asian aquaculture can provide for the EU.
Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 12.27.13Aquaculture, Protein Production And EfficiencyProf. Dave Little's blog on the Global Food Security Programmes website advocates how farming low trophic, omnivorous fish species can help address food and fuel security.
Prawn harvest  4The EAFI ExplainedA key output of the SEAT project is the Ethical Aquatic Food Index. Dr. Jason Weeks explains what the EAFI is and how it can help supports both buyers and producers decisions when it comes to sustainable and ethical farmed fish.
SSCSEAT and the Surat Shrimp ClubSEAT has been working with the Surat Shrimp Club - "One of the most sophisticated and innovative shrimp farmers clubs in Thailand". Read about the club's pioneering work promoting environmental and equipment improvements.
Action Research!SEAT Researcher and PHD student, Doug Waley, talks about his work involving action research . In this short interview, Doug explains what action research is and how it is being used within the SEAT project.

Several other researchers working on the SEAT project ware also featured in short interviews. You can hear about the work and progress on topics as diverse as chemical contamination, public health, socio-economics and life cycle assessments, and meet the project people here.  
About SEAT

SEAT is an EU funded global research project addressing we can enhance the sustainability of Asian seafood farming, the ethical nature of the trade, and the standards and certification of the major industry.

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