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Partner No. 10: Bangladesh Agricultural University – Faculty of Fisheries (BAU)

Bangladesh Agricultural University

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BAU (Bangladesh Agricultural University) is the leading University in Agricultural Education, Research and Development in Bangladesh. Since country’s independence in 1971, it has gained considerable experience in research and development (R&D) through collaboration with a number ofl international and national donor agencies/organizations including, DFID, IRRI, CIRDAP, DANIDA, IAEA, European Union, USDA and IFS through different bilateral and multilateral research projects in diverse fields of agriculture. In the field of Fisheries and Aquaculture, it plays principal and leading rule in R&D in collaboration with a wide range of local and international stakeholders. Currently, BAU is undertaking a large number of partnership programmes in R&D with DoF (Department of Fisheries of the Government of Bangladesh), BFRI (Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute), BFDC (Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation), NGOs, private sectors and others departments involved and committed to fisheries and aquatic resources development. Internationally, a number of donor assisted collaborative research projects have been implemented receiving funding supports from DFID, EU, USAID, and NORAD. Relevant experiences gathered from these collaborative efforts include coordinating and facilitating the NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation) funded project “Environmental Impact of Shrimp Culture in the Southern Part of Bangladesh” . This project identified water quality parameters feasible for shrimp culture as well as potential environmental threats for its expansion in coastal communities in Bangladesh.The team have also facilitated the project Value Chain and Market Assessment of Coastal and Marine Aquatic Products of Bangladesh (including Macrobrachium) funded by DFID which analysed the value chain in marketing of aquatic products focused livelihoods of coastal communities in Bangladesh.BAU were also partners in the EC funded PondLive project looked at the potentials of Integrated Pond Dyke Systems in ASIA focusing nutrient dynamics of pond water, its use to produce vegetables on dyke, and its broader livelihoods impacts toward the linkages ranging from households to market chains.

Main tasks attributed

  • Act as a host organization facilitating coordination of national international research partners in terms of research activities ranging from field to desk
  • Identifying national level stakeholders and bringing them in mainstream R&D through aquaculture for the wider development of the people at various socio-economic level across the country
  • Developing interdisciplinary research capacity organizing local and international expertise to ensure in-depth research investigation
  • Organising and facilitating workshops/seminars for dissemination of research output to wider audiences for appropriate implementation of research findings.

Key Project Personnel

Professor Md. Abdul Wahab is a Professor in the Department of Fisheries Management, BAU with 30 years experience in fisheries education and research. He has implemented a large number of national and international research projects emphasising aquaculture and development in Bangladesh. Currently, he is coordinating several research projects under the umbrella of BFRF (Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum) being a founder president of this forum. He is also coordinating a distance learning programme of Aquatic Resource Development (ARD) – a bilateral postgraduate educational programme between BAU and UoS (University of Stirling) recruiting students already working in grassroots level developing organizations in Bangladesh. Prof. Wahab has published more than 120 peer reviewed journal papers and co-edited several proceedings of seminars and workshops.
Utpal Dutta BAU - Utpal Duta
Professor AKM Nowsad Alam is specialised in post harvest and quality control of aquatic products serving the Dept. of Fisheries Technology at BAU. He has long experience working with FAO projects in the coastal zone. He is involved in range of internationally funded projects and published about 70 papers in peer reviewed journals
Dr. M. Mahfujul Haque is an Associate Professor in the Department of Aquaculture at BAU, who recently graduated from UOS in Systems and Development aspects. He has significant experience in the species covered by the project and in depth field experience. He an advisor to WFC on monitoring and evaluation of impacts of aquaculture development. He is also co-ordinating a technical working group (TWG) in Pangasius Aquaculture Dialogue (PAD) standard development process.
Dr MA Salam is an Associate Professor in Aquaculture at BAU specialised in GIS and Remote Sensing. His recent research interest is in climate change and coastal aquaculture,
BAU Ahmad Al Naid
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