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上海海洋大学欧盟’可持续、道德的水产贸易’项目 / SEAT at Shanghai Ocean

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Shanghai Ocean University (SOU), formerly Shangjai Fisheries University, is the oldest fisheries institution in China, with a history of 95 years. SOU is one of the first institutions in China to establish Ph.D. programs for aquaculture and fisheries, and is also the center for education and research in aquaculture and fisheries, freshwater and marine ecology, aquatic food science, and aquatic plants and animals ( SOU has established a platform called “China AquaFish Network” serving the aquaculture and fisheries industry in China. SOU publishes the Journal of Fisheries and Journal of SFU, which are listed as key Chinese journals, China key scientific and technological journals and China scientific and technological papers citation source journals. SOU has established exchange programs with several foreign universities, has participated in the Sino-America cooperative projects of marine living resources for a long period, and has established a long-time and friendly cooperation with many international organizations such as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, UNESCO, Fisheries Information Center, Asian Fisheries Society, and International Aquatic Living Resources Management Center. SFU has 12 colleges, such as College of Aqua-Life Science and Technology, College of Ocean Science and Technology, College of Food Science and Technology, and College of Economics and Management. The teaching and research at SOU covers a wide range of topics from aquaculture technologies to environmental and socio-economic issues.

Here you can view a presentation by Dr. Liu Liping, introducing Shanghai Ocean University to the SEAT project.

Main tasks attributed:

  • SFU will involve in the all 12 work packages, and will be responsible for all related works to be conducted in China.

Key Project Personnel:

Dr. Liu Liping (BSc, MSc and PhD in aquaculture) of Shanghai Fisheries University has experiences in aquaculture systems especially intensive aquaculture systems as well as reproductive biology of aquatic animals, and cell and molecular biology of fish and crustacea.  
Wenbo Zhang (BSc in Marine culture, MSc in Aquaculture) is a lecturer at Shanghai Ocean University, and part-time PhD student for SEAT (Sustaining Ethical Aquatic Trade) project at University of Stirling. Whenbo Zhang
Prof. Jiang Min (BSc in environmental science, MSc in environmental chemistry and PhD in environmental engineering) of Shanghai Fisheries University has experiences in aquatic chemistry, contaminants, and environmental carrying capacity. Dr Jiang Min
Dr. Liu Huanan (BSc in measurement technology & instrumentation, MSc in agricultural economic management and PhD in management science) of Shanghai Fisheries University has experiences in food safety, food safety management, and credit assessments and methodologies in food safety.
Dr. Liu Yuan (BSc, MSc and PhD in food science and engineering) of Shanghai Fisheries University has experiences in meat quality and control, food nutrition and food safety.  Dr. Liu Yuan
Mr. Yuan Derun (BSc, MSc in livestock, MSc in aquaculture, and a doctoral candidate in aquaculture) of Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, will be hired by SFU as a resource person to conduct LCA and trainings. He has extensive experiences of training and research in aquaculture especially the four targeted species.
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