Loni & The Bangladeshi Shrimp

Shrimp farming is sometimes a divisive topic. Is it environmental harmful or a promising industry needed to release global pressures on our oceans and satisfy rising demand for protein?

Bangladesh exports 97% of it’s shrimp, over half of which to Europe and 4.8 million people directly depend on the industry for their livelihood. In 2012, Loni Hensler visited the country and it’s small-scale shrimp farmers to investigate production and the trade.

Loni kept a blog of her thoughts and experiences as she investigated the Organic Shrimp Project in Bangladesh. This Project seeks to create a more sustainable and ethical industry, in the short and long term, benefiting the farmer without compromising the environment.

You can read the read her day by day account, find out about Loni’s visit and how:

  • The process of shrimp farming works,
  • Shrimp can and are being farmed organically,
  • Organic shrimp farming has given many rural families a better quality of life
  • The industry is helping improve food security and allowing families to adapt to climate change…
  1. 23rd November – Arrival & Introduction
  2. 24th & 26th November – First Impressions
  3. 27th & 28th November – A First Taste
  4. 29th November – The Value Chain
  5. 1st December – The Organic Shrimp project and One in a million
  6. 3rd & 4th December – The Farmers Views
  7. 5th December – Conventional Farming
  8. 7th December – A semi-intensive farm
  9. 8th-10th December – Final Days…

You can also read Loni’s complete story – A sustainable future for shrimp  production in Bangladesh? (Hensler, 2013).

Children of the prawn farmer playing and watching the harvest (2)

Photo © Loni Hensler