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Newsletter Archive

SEAT periodically produces newsletters, providing updates and insights into the project. Catch up with previous editions of the SEAT newsletter below:

November, 2013 – First Winter Newsletter, 2013: Aquaculture certification, perception on co-product utilisation, transdisciplinary research needs, Fish-borne zoonotic trematode risks and Meeting demand!

August, 2013 – Third Summer Newsletter, 2013: SEAT’s work with SMEs, The sustainable intensification of aquaculture in Asia-Pacific, SEAT profiled in the media, 40 years of the journal Aquaculture and some of SEAT findings on medical and feed additive use, published!

July, 2013Second Summer Newsletter, 2013Remedies for aquaculture’s fishmeal addiction, aquaculture myths busted, improving sustainability through models and how Thailand’s workforce is changed by aquaculture.

June, 2013Summer Newsletter, 2013: EU food security, Protein Efficiency, The EAFI Explained, Action Research and “black gold” in Pangasius ponds!

May, 2013Spring Newsletter, 2013: Working with the BRC, Recycling! SEAT in Brussels and the SEAT Discussion Forum!

December, 2012 – Christmas Newsletter, 2012: Feel good shrimp, On the organic trail with Loni Hensler and an introduction to SEAT!

MSME bulletins

In 2012, SEAT produced several bulletins, illustrating different aspects of work ongoing with the project. You can view these bulletins here:

No. 1 – March 2012 – Opportunities in Aquaculture Trade

No. 2 – June 2012 – Pangasius Sediment Removal Solutions

PhD Newsletters

In 2011, SEAT produced a series of newsletters, providing updates on the project. The newsletters describe previous and upcoming meetings that SEAT researchers have held or attended, “Views form the field” providing updates on the field work within the project and profiles of “new recruits” to SEAT.

You can view these emails here:

Photo © Loni Hensler