WP 2 – Scoping and Systems Overview

Work package two focusses on a systems overview obtained for context and boundary of scoping of production/ market systems from a holistic perspective.


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Here you can read the full reports of the scoping and systems overview, available in the links below.

D2.1a China Scoping and Systems Overview

D2.1b Vietnam Scoping and Systems Overview

D2.4 LCA goal and scope setting

D2.7 Review of trade, regulatory and certification issues related to farmed aquatic animals

D2.9 Report on MSMEs and Stakeholder Database

Stakeholder Workshop Reports

Shrimp & Prawn value chain workshop – Khulna, Bangladesh.  EnglishBangla

Tilapia & Pangasius value chain workshop – Mymensingh, Bangladesh.  EnglishBangla

Photo © Loni Hensler