People of the SEAT Project

Asian partners of SEAT have a wealth of knowledge of their local aquaculture systems and trends.

In these short interviews they provide an overview of their work and aquaculture in their respective countries.

Watch the short videos to find out more about their PhD theses and its key features and the unique features of aquaculture are in their country including changes and developments. The interviewees also discuss key points rising from stakeholderworkshops in their respective countries and the impacts and contributions of the SEAT project.

Wenbo Zhang
Wenbo is from China, is completing his PHD at Shanghai Ocean University and the University of Stirling

Phan Thanh Lam
Hailing from Vietnam, Lam is studying for his university at Can Tho University and the University of Stirling

Arlene Satapornvanit
Arlene is travelling between her native Thailand and Scotland during the SEAT project where she is completing her PHD in partnership between Kasetsart University and the University of Stirling

Mohammad Mahfujal Haque
Research fellow from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Ripon is investigating how to increase the value and volume of the seafood trade from Bangladesh to the EU.

Photo © Loni Hensler